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Revolutionary Soup, Communist?

Revolutionary Soup

Local restaurant on the famous Downtown Mall, Revolutionary Soup proudly displays the red star that is often used to represent the worldwide Revolution of the Proletariat. But does Revolutionary Soup, a presumably capitalist business, support the Workers’ Revolution? The RCPC and the people of Charlottesville would like an answer.

Forever fearless and devoted,

Your Leader

April 28, 2010   5 Comments

Green Communism

The RCPC believes in environmental responsibility.

Perhaps the ultimate goal of communism, “true” communism (a classless and stateless society), is in reality also harmony with our planet. This harmony is disrupted constantly by the capitalists who only seek profit and viciously exploit the Earth. [Read more →]

January 15, 2010   3 Comments

Why a Workers’ Revolution is Necessary


The reason is simple, without the dictatorship of the proletariat the working class will always be mistreated and taken advantage of by the wealthier classes. Though many politicians talk of helping the working class [Read more →]

November 7, 2009   5 Comments

RCPC on Education


To produce more, you need to know more

Across the United States, including  Virginia, students are not performing as well as one might hope. The RCPC places great importance on education. With many areas in need of reform, the RCPC has set these guidelines for changes to improve Charlottesville schools:

1. First, no more private schools, as they often teach religion and are only available to the rich.¬† The RCPC believes that all children should have equal access to education and be judged by their talents, not their parent’s wealth. All of the state-run schools would be completely free to all students. Day-care and after-school homework help would be provided free for working parents.

[

May 22, 2009   2 Comments

RCPC on traffic and Meadowcreek Parkway


Greeting Comrades! Our issues to discuss today are traffic and the Meadowcreek Parkway. For many years the local politicians have debated on different ways to solve the problems of our roads in Charlottesville. Many of them support the Meadowcreek Parkway (which is currently under construction), but have yet to hear RCPC’s opinion on the subject! A basic outline of our plan is as follows:

[

May 15, 2009   3 Comments