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RCPC on Education


To produce more, you need to know more

Across the United States, including  Virginia, students are not performing as well as one might hope. The RCPC places great importance on education. With many areas in need of reform, the RCPC has set these guidelines for changes to improve Charlottesville schools:

1. First, no more private schools, as they often teach religion and are only available to the rich.¬† The RCPC believes that all children should have equal access to education and be judged by their talents, not their parent’s wealth. All of the state-run schools would be completely free to all students. Day-care and after-school homework help would be provided free for working parents.

2. All state schools would teach the same curriculum at the same time, in a logical order. This would make school transition much easier on students, and also ensure that all students would be equally prepared for higher education and would have covered the same subjects.

3. Higher pay and more money put into education. Teachers are extremely important for teaching the next generation of workers, and therefore deserve more pay. Teachers would also be given special classes from the RCPC on how to teach, to improve education further. Lessons would be regulated by a special branch of the RCPC with input from the teachers. Teachers would also be required to be specialists in their subjects, not just educators.

4. More vocational schools for specific jobs. Students would be able to go to a vocational school after 8th grade if they wanted to, this would make it easier for less-academic students to recieve a quality education and improve our factory workers and other laborers.

5. SOL and other standardized tests would be made more difficult, but not as stressed as they are now in many public school systems.

6. To encourage achievement, higher-education students would be given stipends for having a high GPA each semester. Special awards would also be given by the RCPC for high achievement in a variety of subjects.

7. Perhaps most importantly, the RCPC would introduce a special class to help students understand the supported types of Communism. Designed to inspire the students, these classes would encourage them to take part in government, and spread the revolution. A student body that understands our party’s politics is better suited to work in Charlottesville. Before entering colleges or vocational schools, all students would have to pass a RCPC-related test to make sure that they understand the truth about politics.

8. Lastly, the names of all current schools, colleges, and universities would be changed to more appropriate names. For example, Charlottesville High School would be changed to the High School of Marx and Engles, Buford to Bolshevik, etc.

The RCPC hopes to encourage high-quality education, with high standards of efficiency and achievement. Education is and always will be one of the most important parts of the RCPC’s efforts, as the poster reads: “To produce more, you need to know more” we aim to ensure an educated, skilled, and disiplined generation of workers.

Forever fearless and devoted,

Your Leader


1 Roger W. { 05.23.09 at 7:17 pm }

It seems to me that grading students differently depending on how they do on “tests” is part and parcel of the oppressive system we are fighting against. If all men and women are equal, does that not also apply to students? If the students were truly equal, they would get equal test scores and equal grades. That must be our goal.

One way to do this would be to retake tests as many times as necessary (with intensive help for those with lower scores, and compulsory tutoring to those who need help by those with higher scores) until all the grades were equal. No one would be allowed to progress on to the next chapter (and certainly not to the next grade level!) until all grades were equal, even if the material had to be re-taught and the test given again fifteen or twenty times over.

We owe this to our children, the workers of tomorrow!

2 Leader { 05.23.09 at 8:11 pm }

Yes, thanks for sharing your opinion on the matter. The RCPC understands your concerns, and I’m personally sorry for not being clearer on the matter. While the RCPC agrees that equality is essential in education, the exact means of doing this have not yet been decided upon. Your idea is interesting, but there are several ways the RCPC has thought about doing this.

Right now the most popular idea is to specifically train the teachers to evenly focus their attention. One of our studies shows that the main cause of unequal grades is unequal treatment by the teachers (accounting for nearly 99%). Their teaching skills are unevenly spread, causing some students to understand better than others and of course the opposite. Specific guidelines and RCPC supervision would help eliminate these problems, making a plan similar to yours much easier. I hope this is helpful.

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